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Grant basics: understanding outcomes

I think one of the key myths in the grant world is that grants go to the best organisation, or the best idea.

That’s actually not true.

Grants go to the projects that best align with what the grant is trying to achieve.

All grants are trying to achieve a particular outcome. They’re not given out because the person with the money wants to give money away – the person with the money wants to see a change in the world, and they believe that by funding a project or providing a capital injection to an organisation, they’ll see that change.

That means that to maximise your chance of winning a grant, you need to understand the intended grant outcomes, and then address those outcomes in your application.

You’ll need to closely read the information you’re given and supplement that with a bit of research to help you get a really clear understanding of what the grant maker wants to achieve. When you have that understanding, you can shape your project and your application so that you can show that you will achieve those outcomes, if you’re given the grant.

If you want some help figuring out the exact outcomes a grant opportunity is seeking, get in touch and we’ll talk it through. 🙂